Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I finally got something in the ground.

I will be growing 9 tomato plants this year - three cherry, three Roma and three sandwich types (one Celebrity and two 444s).

As you saw in earlier posts, I sowed them indoors several weeks ago.  Four will be planted in the square foot garden and five will be planted upside down in hanging pots on the porch.  I constructed some hanging pots last year and it worked really well.  Few pests and better production.

I'm putting the inderterminate tomato plants (those that vine rather than bush, in my case the cherry tomatoes) in the square foot gardens along with the determinate Celebrity.   I found that the indeterminate plants grew too large and long for the hanging pots.  The rest of the bushing plants will be planted from the hanging pots.

My cherry tomatoes had grown too large to get enough light from my indoor florescent growing system and I really needed to get them in the ground. I did so tonight.  Hopefully, they'll survive.  I plan to get the hanging pots up this weekend along with the rest of the other planting.

I'm getting my cool season crops in several weeks later than I intended, but sometimes you just gotta go with the flow.

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Bryce said...

Looking good, keep it up.