Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flower Garden Update

The flower (and blueberry) garden is doing great.  The tulips and daffodils have lived their lives and I cut the dead heads off this week.

We bought some mulch to add but it started raining today and I didn't get to it.

Here are some current pictures of the flower garden (you can seen the spent tulips in the background).

Apple blossoms:

One of our new blueberry plants:

Red climbing roses:

Yellow climbing roses:

We have a white rose bush that is flowering as well.  When we bought it, it was labeled as a climber, but it's not.  It's pretty so we don't want to take it out, but we have a blank space in our flower garden wall as a result.  We'll probably plant another climber near it and try to train it to grow over the other bush.

They're not in the flower garden, technically, but here's a picture of one of our hanging tomato plants.  This is the 444 variety.

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