Saturday, April 17, 2010

Week Two Update.


It's been two weeks since we planted our seeds in our square foot gardens and transplanted the plants that we started indoors.

Here are what things look like right now.

The English peas (I over planted these and will probably have to thin.)


Here is some spinach starting to show it's true leaves:

Carrots  (Purple Dragon):

Pickling Cucumbers (Calypso):

Here's one of the Brussels Sprouts (Royal Marvel) transplants:

Carrots (Imperator):

Pole Beans (Blue Lake):

Lots of true leaves on these radishes (Champion variety):

Sugar snap peas:

Carrots (Scarlet Nantes):

The lettuce is getting bigger:

My "fields" of corn (Kandy Korn):

The strawberry patch.  The large bunches are strawberries that were planted last year.  The other smaller plants were just planted two weeks ago.  We're pulling the flowers from all of the newly planted strawberries to give them a chance to establish their roots and, hopefully, to prepare for a fantastic crop next year.

The blackberry bush is really starting to grow.

Lots of buds!  As long as we can protect them from the birds, we should have a great blackberry crop.

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